This is Pumpkin! Now I normally don’t do this (I’m a #dog, after all), but it’s almost #Thanksgiving and Mama says it’s important to share the story of all #animals, not just dogs. Plus, this cat has a special place in my #heart because my aunt really likes her, and I really like my aunt. Sadly, Pumpkin is a #stray and lives in the suburbs of #Philly. She received her name because she started coming around in the fall and her colors are very #autumnal (great word, right?). She is super personable and loves talking to people and rolling around. Although she has no #home, the people she’s met (like my aunt and uncle) have been so nice to her and have provided her with water, food, a blanket, and box to keep her full, warm, and safe. My aunt and uncle would bring Pumpkin into their home, but there is a big, mean, scary cat that lives there named #Bella who doesn’t like anyone (not even me!) so it’s safer for her outside. Pumpkin is an absolute doll and really deserves a great #furever home. She’s fun and affectionate and deserves a warm, loving home. If you are interested in adopting her (or know of a local shelter like @phillypaws or @morrisanimalrefuge that has room to take her where she will live and be safe), get at me, dawg!  Comment or DM me here or tweet me @wheredogsrule. And remember, #KING is where dogs (and sometimes cats) rule.