Say hello to Joker, a 1 year old #English #bulldog #puppy! He’s neutered, strong, smart, and #handsome – what more could you as for? He’s hilarious (hence his name), playful, pulls like a bull on leash, and is a hoot to watch while he plays with his toys. Sadly, in just the first year of his life, he has been in several homes. Why, you ask? Because the owners didn’t have enough time for him and he was being neglected. In fact, Joker is very underweight for his breed. His spine and ribs protrude, and his coat is very coarse. Joker is too intense for small animals – he has high prey drive – and would do best in a #home with large #dogs, but no #cats. He also needs a home (no apartments, please) with a yard and no children and a place he can finally get the #love, attention, and exercise he wants and deserves. Will you #adopt him? If you are interested in adopting him, get at me, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet my Mama @kelsey_cruz. He is from #RescueDogsMatch and needs a wonderful #home so you can always email them directly at to learn more about #Joker and how you can #adoptnotshop him. And remember, #KING is #wheredogsrule.


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