#FureverFriday: Ponyboy and his adoption story


It’s ‪#‎FureverFriday so King gets a toy break and I – an adopted #dog – get to tell my adoption story: My name is Ponyboy (@the.prancing.ponyboy), and I am a #pitbull #boxer (just like my buddy #King). I don’t remember everything before being adopted, but I do remember loneliness, fear, and hunger. It was #NYC in #August, and the heat hurt my feet and made me so tired but I had to press on and find #food. Fortunately, people from @nycacc found me, brought me to a #kennel, and asked me to do a lot of things to test me. I wanted to make them #happy, so I jumped a lot and tried to wag my tail, but I was so hungry I kept falling. (I only weighed 20 pounds that #summer.) The day my mom came to the #shelter, they told her they weren’t sure where I had come from. They thought I had escaped from a fighting ring or that I was abandoned, but since I had been found on the street, there was no way to know for sure. She seemed unsure because the tag on my kennel said I needed lots of mental stimulation, and she was a first time #pet owner. But when she came up to me, I jumped and put my paws against her hands and said “Please” with my eyes and tilted head. That was that; my mom took me home the next day, and I have been the happiest #boy ever since. I #love #food, laying on my mom while she reads, road trips with my parents, and hiking. Most of all, I love people. Even though they have hurt me, they have also loved and saved me. I am a #therapy dog and help autistic children, veterans, and the elderly. Soon after my mom got me, she decided a name must have a meaning. She always thought she’d name her dog #Sodapop from #TheOutsiders, but when got to know me, she decided on #Ponyboy. She says I stayed gold. I already have a #furever home, but if you are interested in ‪#‎adopting any of our friends you met this week, get at me, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet King @wheredogsrule. There are so many ‪#‎dogs in need of a home, and we would jump (literally) at the chance to connect you to them. Every Friday, King drops the mic for an adopted friend of his to share his/her story. If you want to share yours, contact him. And remember, #KING is #wheredogsrule.


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