Fun Illustrations Featuring An Adorable Little Pug Dressed As Tasty Treats

This is absolutely adorable! I had to #REBLOG:

CVancouver-based graphic designer Eugenia Leung has been illustrating an adorable series featuring ‘Puglie’, “a little pug with big dreams”. The plump little pug is the subject of many of her illustrations, which depict him dressed up as all sorts of tasty treats, including a hot dog, Froot Loops, and even sushi. ‘Puglie’ was created out of Leung’s love for pugs, and her desire to capture their charm of being both “ugly and cute”. Apart from being dressed as food items, Puglie has also been depicted as pop culture and video game characters.CCCCCCCCCCCCCCtumblr_nu32j2xSpA1tga488o1_500tumblr_nu32j2xSpA1tga488o2_500CCCCCC

(Via: Design Taxi)

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