Say hello to Sawyer! He is a one year old #shepherd mix who has a heart of gold. Sawyer is a huge morning dog – he likes to get up early and do his business and run his errands and drink his coffee – but then he quickly winds down and enjoys relaxing while those around him start their days. On his walks, he likes to stop and sniff (who doesn’t, amirite?) and can get distracted by cars and other #dogs (he just stops and stares), but has never had an altercation. Sadly, he is afraid of the dark and can be skittish when he is walked at night or alone in a dark room. Sawyer is very smart and already knows how to “sit” and “lay down”; he is learning how to “stay” and walk better on a leash, and he is learning quickly (especially when treats are involved). Sawyer is an absolute angel in his foster home and does not bark or beg or make a mess of the house. His foster mom says he doesn’t like being left alone, but he is getting better; she leaves some music on so he isn’t in complete silence. Sawyer loves the ladies, snuggling, car rides, playing fetch, and chewing on his bones. He would do well in a house with other #dogs, #cats, and older children (due to his size). Will you give him a #furever #home for the #holidays? If you are interested in adopting him, get at me, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet me @wheredogsrule. He is from #RescueDogsMatch and needs a wonderful #home so you can always email them directly at to learn more about #Sawyer and how you can #adoptnotshop him. And remember, #KING is #wheredogsrule. #dogsofinstagram #photooftheday #dogoftheday #shepherdsofinstagram #dogstagram #instagood #instadog #mancrushmonday #mcm #rescuedogs


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