#Furever Friday: Jim and Bella and their adoption story


It’s ‪#‎FureverFriday so King gets a toy break and we – two adopted dogs – get to tell our adoption story: Our names are Jim and Bella, we are 9 month old #American #Pitbull #Staffordshire #Terriers. (This #picture was taken right after we were rescued – we are much bigger now, but still obvs #adorable.) We were brought into this #world because the humans who had our biological #parents kept having #pups who we believe were bred to be fighting dogs. (We will never know for sure, but that was the feeling we got at our old #house.) We both had mange, and Jim had an awful lung infection that could have taken his life if our new #Mom and #Dad hadn’t taken us to the doctor immediately after our #rescue. My parents (Kristi and Eric) got a call about us on March 9, 2015. After they arrived and saw that we had been taken from our biological mom – where we lived in our own mess and feces and had never been held – our new Mom and Dad did some fast talking to get all of us away from those bad people. (Bella was kicked three times before she fell down the stairs and literally climbed up our Mom’s leg the first time she saw her.) Our Mom picked her up and promised to never put her back down. We have three siblings, and our parents found homes for all 0f them; fortunately, we still get to see them from time to time! We love following Mom around, eating #cheese, snuggling, playing #soccer, and trying to get into the bathtub while Mom showers. (And we are VERY popular on #Instagram – check us out at @thedilespits!) Yes, our parents rescued us, but Mom says that we rescued her. We already have a furever home, but if you are interested in ‪#‎adopting #MamaSassy or #Ava or any of our other #friends you’ve met, get at us, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet King @wheredogsrule. There are so many ‪#‎dogs in need of a home, and we would jump (literally) at the chance to connect you to them. Every Friday, King drops the mic for an adopted friend of his to share his/her story. If you want to share yours, contact him. And remember, ‪#‎KING is ‪#‎wheredogsrule.


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