#ShelterSunday: Morris Animal Refuge


It’s #ShelterSunday, a day specifically set aside to thank a rescue shelter for all it does for its #pets, its community, and the world. I’m starting off this series with a shelter close to my heart – @morrisanimalrefuge – which is where I was adopted two years ago. Morris is located in #Philadelphia, #Pennsylvania and is a #nonprofit organization that is solely dependent on the community’s tax-deductible contributions to provide a second chance for their animals. When I was there, I was treated like a #king (which is great, because, I am one), and I was so grateful for their care and full range of services for myself and all of the other abused, neglected, or abandoned animals. Morris has been around since 1874 (the first in the United States to care for #cats), and in more than 140 years, no #animal has ever been turned away. They CONSTANTLY advertise their adoptable pets (Mama found me from a video and pictures on social media AND pictures posted up outside of the refuge) and hold events and fundraisers in the community to share both their pets and their vision. According to their web site, 516 lives have been saved this year (including 72 in October alone), and they will be at upcoming events and shows in the community to increase that number even more. Morris Animal Refuge, THANK YOU for all you do and continue to do every day for pets and families. You are a blessing to the community, and I am so happy I was taken through your doors so I could get a second chance at life and meet my #furever family. If you’d like to learn more about Morris and their beautiful #adoptable pets, please visit them at www.morrisanimalrefuge.org. Every #ShelterSunday, I thank a rescue shelter so if you’d like to see yours on here, get at me, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet me @wheredogsrule. And remember, #KING is #wheredogsrule.


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