#FureverFriday: Jazzy Belle and her adoption story


It’s ‪#‎FureverFriday‬ so King gets a toy break and I – an adopted dog – get to tell my adoption story (and my #sister Stella has to listen to me for a change): My name is Jazzy Belle, and I’m a four year old #pitbull (possibly also #labrador) mix. My daddy named me after a song from the band #Outkast, but you’ll often hear me lovingly referred to as #Jazz, #Jazzy, and #Moose. A few years ago, I lived in #Pennsylvania where my old owners knew three things: my birthday is October 25, my biological mom was an #AmericanPitBullTerrier, and they had too many dogs so they needed to get rid of one. They posted a #Craigslist ad for “a $30 Jazzy Belle” (I think I was QUITE the steal) that my lovely #Mom and #Dad saw, and the rest is history. We now live in #Atlanta where I get to play all day long with my parents and sister, Stella, a two year old #rescued #pocket #pitbull (check us out at @jazzyandstella). Even though a lot of people judge me because I’m a big pit mix (King knows how I feel, it’s a little disheartening), I’m incredibly sweet and soft-hearted. I LOVE to play with other #dogs, especially little dogs. I like to crouch down with my big butt sticking straight up in the air so that I can be at their eye level. I do play gentler with #senior dogs (like my 13 year old #Westie uncle), but I can move around pretty quickly WHENEVER there is a ball involved. I’m also very emotionally in tune with those I #love, and I know when someone needs a cuddle or two. I like to give kisses, sleep like a human in bed, and fart like an old man. I am also an avid hill-roller, peanut butter lover, superior cuddler, and I have the softest, dopiest, most velvety ears around (or so I’ve been told). If anyone’s ever in #Atlanta, come find us for a play date! I already have a furever home, but if you are interested in ‪#‎adopting‬ any of our friends you’ve met this week, get at me, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet King @wheredogsrule. There are so many ‪#‎dogs‬ in need of a home, and we would jump (literally) at the chance to connect you to them. Every Friday, King drops the mic for an adopted friend of his to share his/her story. If you want to share yours, contact him. And remember, ‪#‎KING‬ is‪ #‎wheredogsrule‬.


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