chichi (1)

Say hello to Chichi! She is a ‪#‎Chihuahua‬ mix between 4-6 years old. She’s a tiny tot (only 8 pounds!) who is pretty sensitive and looks to her dog pal Duke for guidance in scary situations. She is often hesitant to come right up to you but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you; she’s just cautious. (To her credit, she is a great friend to have around in scary situations and her caution actually makes me feel safer than when I’m with big, reckless dogs.) Once Chichi warms up to you and realizes you’re harmless (after she senses patience and love from you), she’ll sit and snuggle with you. She could live with another ‪#‎dog‬, ‪#‎cats‬, or older children. She was surrendered because her family was moving and they couldn’t take her with them. If you are interested in adopting her, get at me, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet me @wheredogsrule. She is a @phillypaws baby in need of a wonderful ‪#‎home‬ so you can always email them directly at to learn more about ‪#‎Chichi‬ and how you can ‪#‎ADOPT‬her. And remember, ‪#‎KING‬ is ‪#‎wheredogsrule‬.


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