angel (1)

This is Angel, and she really, truly is an angel. She’s a #Maltese mix and between 6-10 years old. She is happy and bouncy and gets along with everyone! When we’re at a party, she is the one out on the dance floor, mingling with everyone and lighting up the room. She gets along with #dogs, #cats, and children and is easy like Sunday morning on walks with excellent leash manners. (I, on the other hand, pull like a horse.) Angel baby does have a few medical conditions that will need to be addressed: an eye condition that may require drops for the rest of her life, a heart murmur, and elevated liver enzymes that will also require medication. (She is super embarrassed by them, but I always tell her the right family will be able to take care of them. I have bad allergies and ear issues, and Mama loves me anyway, even when I bleed alllllllllll over the house from opening up ear scabs.) Angel was surrendered because her owner could no longer afford to keep a dog and wanted her to have a home that could. If you are interested in adopting her, get at me, dawg! Comment or DM me here or tweet me @wheredogsrule. She is a @phillypaws angel in need of a wonderful #home so you can always email them directly at to learn more about #Angel and how you can #ADOPT her. And remember, #KING is #wheredogsrule.


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